Head of Design @ MDSV Capital.
Currently residing in San Francisco, California.

Collage Maker
Product Designer and Startup Founder

As a product designer and experienced founder, I bring a unique blend of creative vision and entrepreneurial acumen to every project. My approach combines empathy-driven design with strategic business thinking, allowing me to craft intuitive, user-centric digital experiences that not only delight users but also drive measurable business results. This dual perspective enables me to balance innovative design solutions with practical, growth-oriented strategies.

Key Strengths
  • Expertise in UX and product design principles
  • Skilled in user research, interaction design, and design thinking
  • Ability to balance user needs with business objectives
  • Experience leading design efforts for diverse products
  • Certified Lean Canvas instructor trained by Ash Maurya

I employ a data-driven, empathetic approach to design, immersing myself in the user's world to uncover pain points and motivations. This insight fuels innovative solutions that resonate with users and drive measurable results.

Lean Methodology Integration

My background as a certified Lean Canvas instructor, trained by Ash Maurya, uniquely enhances my product design approach. I seamlessly integrate Lean principles into the design process, prioritizing rapid prototyping, hypothesis-driven experimentation, and continuous user validation. This allows me to navigate product challenges through iterative, customer-focused problem-solving, creating exceptional user experiences that deliver true value and drive business success.

MY tech stack

Last updated: February 2024

🧪 User Research

  • Maze for unmoderated usability tests with users & stakeholders.
  • Hotjar for in-depth user behavior analysis.
  • User Interviews to recruit users for interviews.
  • Usertesting for both moderated and unmoderated testing.
  • Dovetail to house all recordings & insights.

💬 Transcripts

🎯 Collaboration

  • Slack to share quick feedback & give context on what's being worked on.
  • Loom for video walkthroughs of designs.

🎨 Design

⚡️ Prototyping

  • Figma for standard prototyping and basic interactions.
  • Protopie for advanced interactions and motion design.

✏️ UX Writing

  • Grammarly to fix grammar and syntax in my writing.
  • Hemingway to improve the readability of my content and adapt it to different types of audiences.
  • Perplexity to rewrite my rough drafts.

💻 Front-End Development

  • HTML5 for standard web pages.
  • EJS for dynamic web pages.
  • Bootstrap for pre-styled components.
  • Tailwind to build my own components schematically.
  • Javascript for basic interactivity (currently learning React).

🖋️ Whiteboarding

  • Figjam for A-Z whiteboarding & real-time team collaboration.
  • Miro for teams that don't use Figjam.

👀 Inspiration

🎨 Color

  • Coolors to generate new color palettes.
  • UI Colors to generate new shades for a color shade.
  • Colorbox for more advanced configuration colors & shades.
  • Supa Palette to generate quick palettes directly in Figma.

⏺️ Icons

📝 Type

  • Fontbase to manage all my installed fonts without sacrificing performance.
  • Typescale when setting up type and text styles in a new design system.

🎨 Illustrations

🎥 Animation

  • Rive for lightweight icon & illustration animations.
  • LottieFiles for readymade animations within Figma.

🏞️ Photography


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